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Keep You And Your Family Protected

Most of us especially if we have kids may check for sex offenders when we are looking to buy a house but usually after we move in we don't take any further action. Just because there wasn't a sex offender when you moved in doesn't mean that your new neighbor isn't one. The law requires them to register and it is often a condition of their probation. However the power of that is lost if the people that live in the area are not paying attention to the registry. Which can be a lot of work and the website provided by the government are usually out of date and difficult to use.

How It Works

Our Sex Offender Monitoring service provides an additional layer of security by keeping you informed about registered sex offenders in your area. We understand that the safety of your family and neighborhood is of utmost importance, which is why we offer this comprehensive monitoring feature as an optional addition to your title monitoring package.


Regular Updates and Alerts: Our advanced system continuously monitors sex offender registries and databases to identify any matches within a specified radius of your property. We stay up-to-date with the latest information to provide you with accurate and timely notifications.


Proximity-Based Monitoring: By setting a radius around your property, we focus on monitoring the areas closest to you, ensuring you receive relevant alerts specific to your neighborhood. This targeted approach keeps you informed about potential risks in your immediate vicinity.


When there is a new registration or change in sex offender status within your monitored area, we promptly send you alerts via your preferred communication method. This allows you to stay informed and take any necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family and community. Our service provides comprehensive profiles of registered sex offenders, including their name, address, conviction details, and any relevant restrictions or conditions imposed by law enforcement. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about your safety and take appropriate actions if needed.

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Client Portal

Gives you access to your service. You can update your profile, set your alert preferences and even cancel your service. The portal also shows you the results of your scans as well as the current details.


A scan is when we scan sex offender databases and lists that offenders are required by law to register at.


If we detect any new sex offenders in the raidus you set we will send you an alert so that you can take immediate action.

Don't Leave Your Home Unprotected

Everything has moved to the digital space. If you're anything like most Americans, you haven't taken all of the proper steps necessary to protect you and your loved ones from the new types of crimes being created every day. Monitoring your title not only protects you from the crimes that we know about today that are actively happening to homeowners, but you'll be protected from future tricks and schemes we are currently unaware of. Take the power of your security in your own hands and protect the assets you and your loved ones care so deeply for.