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Digital Home Shield monitoring services come with real US based customer support.

Digital Thieves Are Getting Smarter

It can all start with a simple change of address. Even though the USPS has protections in place to help prevent fraudulent changes of address it is not a full proof system and thieves and scammers constantly come up with new ways around the system. They can use virtual credit card numbers with your homes billing address to trick the USPS system and have your mail delivered to them. Once they have control of your mail you become vulnerable to a number of scams.


Our Change of address monitoring service is designed to help you safeguard your home from potential fraudulent activities. By adding this monitoring service you gain an extra layer of protection and awareness.

How It Works

Our system keeps a watchful eye on address changes. When a change of address occurs on your homes address, we promptly alert you through your preferred method of communication. This allows you to stay ahead of any potential fraudulent activity that could impact your property.


User-Friendly Interface: Accessing and managing your Change of Address Monitoring service is easy through our user-friendly online portal. You can customize your monitoring settings, update your preferences, and review address change notifications conveniently.


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Client Portal

Gives you access to your service. You can update your profile, set your alert preferences and even cancel your service. The portal also shows you the results of your scans as well as the current details.

Address Scans

A address scan is when we scan the USPS address information, public data and other data sources to see what information about your address is currently on record. We then compare that information to an address record to detect changes.


If we detect any changes or any unusual activity we will send you an alert so that you can take immediate action. If caught earlier most issues can be resolved easily without much damage.

Don't Leave Your Home Unprotected

Everything has moved to the digital space. If you're anything like most Americans, you haven't taken all of the proper steps necessary to protect you and your loved ones from the new types of crimes being created every day. Monitoring your title not only protects you from the crimes that we know about today that are actively happening to homeowners, but you'll be protected from future tricks and schemes we are currently unaware of. Take the power of your security in your own hands and protect the assets you and your loved ones care so deeply for.