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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a service that monitors your title and alerts you if anything new has been filed or changed.
No title insurance makes sure your title is clear before you purchase the property and if it turns out it wasn't the insurance covers the cost of that. It is typically in regard to liens or judgements against the property and not designed to protect against modern frauds.
We are a real estate software and data company founded in 2019 with the goal of helping homeowners protected their home against digital threats.
Title theft occurs when someone fraudulently assumes ownership of your property by manipulating or falsifying title documents. You should be concerned about it as it can result in financial loss, legal complications, and potential eviction from your own home.
Title monitoring involves regularly checking your property's title records for any suspicious or unauthorized activity. It helps detect potential title theft early, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent fraudulent transfers and protect your property.
Our title monitoring service employs advanced technology to scan and analyze public title records associated with your property. We continuously monitor for any changes, irregularities, or signs of potential title theft. If any concerning activity is detected, we promptly alert you.
Our title monitoring service monitors key information related to your property, including title transfers, liens, mortgage activity, and other public records associated with your property's ownership.
Title records are monitored on a regular basis to ensure timely detection of any potential fraudulent activity. The frequency may vary depending on the specific plan or service you have subscribed to.
If a potential title theft issue is detected, we will notify you immediately and provide guidance on the necessary steps to take. This may involve contacting local authorities, consulting with legal professionals, and taking appropriate actions to rectify the fraudulent activity and protect your property rights.
If you suspect title theft or fraudulent activity, it is crucial to take immediate action. Contact our customer support team right away, notify local law enforcement, and consult with legal professionals who specialize in real estate and property law to guide you through the resolution process.
Enrolling in our title monitoring service is easy. Simply visit our website or contact our customer support team to initiate the enrollment process. Our representatives will guide you through the steps, provide information on available plans, and assist with subscription setup.
Yes, our title monitoring service is available nationwide, covering properties across the country. We strive to provide comprehensive coverage and protection regardless of your location.
If you sell your property or change your address, it is important to notify us as soon as possible. We can update your account information accordingly or guide you on the necessary steps to transfer the title monitoring service to your new property.