Monitoring Services

Protecting your home in the digital world is as important as protecting it in the physical!

Title Monitoring

We create a snapshot of your current title with your verification that it is correct. We then monitor all recordings related to your property and alert you immediately if there are any differences from the title snapshot. If needed you can consult with one of our resolution experts to help keep your home protected.

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Address Monitoring

Scammers and fraudsters will often put in a change of address or make other attempts to forward or receive mail to your address. This can allow them to perform a number of different scams that can financially impact you. With address monitoring we keep any eye out for any attempts to divert your mail and alert you immediately.

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Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a place where stolen data can be bought and sold it's also a place where scammers and fraudsters can hire people for nefarious purposes such as fake notarization of documents. Usually scammers or fraudsters need help to complete their scam and will utilize the dark web to acquire that help.

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Scam Monitoring

If you live in your home that alone will protect you from a lot of these scams however if you have a second home, multiple homes, rental properties especially short term rentals with services like AirBnB then you are at risk. There a number of scams and new ones happening all the time. Scammers can actually rent your home out to someone without your knowledge and at times they will go so far as to break into the home and change the locks and give the renters the guys.

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Sex Offender Monitoring

Most of us especially if we have kids may check for sex offenders when we are looking to buy a house but usually after we move in we don't take any further action. Just because there wasn't a sex offender when you moved in doesn't mean that your new neighbor isn't one. Our sex offender monitoring allows you to set a custom radius around your home and we monitor every available databases and alert you in any changes to offenders in your radius.

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Safety Monitoring

At times the digital world can help protect your safety in the physical world. Our safety monitoring service is designed to find and alert you about these threats that could cause physical harm. From issues with your water quality to crime and helping you remove images and other info on your home that help thieves and burglars find ways to break into your home.

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Client Reviews

Some feedback from people that have been using our services.

Insurance and warranties have always seemed more like a bill than protection. Something that you just have to do. Well, that can all change overnight. We got the call and were informed someone was trying to secure a loan by using OUR property. Digital Home Shield got us fighting back the second it happened. Within a week we had avoided what could have been a life altering event. Just wanted to give the people over at Digital Home Shield a special thank you!

The Enderess Family

Title Monitoring

Super easy to deal with. I actually had to call in to get my account situated and the gentleman was very patient and kind with me. They talked to me on the phone the entire time and walked me through setting up my account which was actually pretty straight forward. It's hard to find places that actually care about their customers. If you speak with anyone at Digital Home Shield, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. Special thanks to Steven and all the help he gave me.

Juarez Family

Monitoring Services

I haven't had any scam or fraud attempts on my home but just like I monitor my credit it is important to also make sure my home title is protected. Thankfully Digital Home Shield is a lot more affordable than the credit monitoring services are and they also have numerous other monitoring services that are very helpful. I highly recommend them to friends and family when it comes up. Thanks, keep up the good work.

O'Leeum Family

Title & Additional Monitoring

Important News

With title theft and other fraud on the rise it is important to keep up to know what to look out for.



Home title fraud on the rise, experts say

According to Zillow, over the last decade, home value in the metro Detroit area has appreciated by nearly 148%. But homeowners should be careful because in cities where the property market is booming, home title fraud is rising.

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Arizona homeowners falling victim to deed fraud

Homeowners are falling victim to title theft, where scammers are selling your home right out from under you. Maricopa County is rolling out a new alert system for the fraud on the rise.

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Rental scams getting more sophisticated

COVINGTON, Ky. — Spring is peak rental season when millions of Americans look for new places to live. With rents high, and rental homes hard to find, scammers are lurking everywhere and the rental scam is getting even more sophisticated.

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Scammers could use deceased person’s property as bait in rental scam

You need to guard your personal information both in life and in death because you never know when a scammer may use it. News 8 On Your Side consumer investigator Brian Roche found out how crooks could use your deceased family's property as bait.

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New 'Dirty Deeds' law allows clerks statewide to demand photo ID for property transfers

DALLAS — Under a new law, Texas clerks can now demand photo identification whenever anyone tries to file paperwork changing a property’s ownership.

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